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Primalac Mama – the ideal food supplement for expectant and breast-feeding mothers

Primalac Mama is a nutritious milk drink designed for pregnant and breast-feeding women. Primalac Mama is developed in line with scientific research and international recommendations.

  • Includes 36 important nutrients
  • Meets the increased need for the calcium and vitamin D in particular
  • Contains prebiotics important for health
  • Supports the development of the unborn child with DHA, folic acid and iron

The balanced composition of Primalac Mama ensures that you and your baby get all the most important nutrients you need.

For further details on the nutritional composition of Primalac Mama, click here.

Be healthy, stay healthy

The period before and after giving birth is a beautiful and intensive time. It’s intensive because of the increased need for specific vitamins and minerals during pregnancy and when breast feeding. Iron, folic acid and various omega-3 fatty acids are particularly important.

Taken in addition to a balanced diet our milk products are the ideal nutritional supplements for expectant and breast-feeding mothers, keeping them healthy, resilient and full of energy.

We only use milk from healthy Swiss cows.

Not available in Switzerland
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